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David Priest

Meet the cat staff…

Brenda Rundback


For over 25 years, I have directed, shot and edited a vast variety of programs. Constantly learning new storytelling techniques as well as keeping on top of technology while being a life-long connoisseur of classic films (Grades A-Z) keeps me moving. Other quirky interests include photography, guitars, very fast cars and vintage chairs.

I find I fully engage both sides of my brain with my work and I love it — the Left as the production and office manager and the Right by creating scenes of rich emotion, tone and authenticity through the use of light and color. My love and respect for the beauty in God's amazing designs in nature began with my growing up on a ranch. Ask me about riding horseback to a one-room grade school.

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We love working with producers who need turn-key productions as well as contributing specific roles such as cinematography and post-production.

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  •         National Prime Time TV Specials

    30+ one and two-hour television docudramas seen on PAX-TV, ION-TV, ScyFy, TBN and others.

    See complete listings on our respective IMDb pages.

  •         National Prime Time TV Series

    Encounters With the Unexplained

    52 1-hour episodes hosted by Jerry Orbach. (PAX-TV)

  •         Fiction  Films

    Forget Me Not (28 min.) • Unicorns (5 min.)

    Lady Lindy (18 min.) • Blindsided (7 min.)

  •         Regional TV Series

    NoCo Link • 12 30-minute episodes

  •         Documentary Films

    Change the Heart, Change the World (1 hour)

  •         Corporate/Commercial

    National and international clients include -

  •         Inspirational/Special Interest

    Inspirational and Special Interest clients include:

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